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Tanzanian ‘Operation Cyclone’ Ejects Immigrants, Stirs Xenophobia

06 November 2013

In September the Tanzanian government conducted a mostly secret campaign of apprehending illegal immigrants and deporting them to Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda. No questions asked. No legal recourse. Simply “grab and go.”

Zuma Insults Malawi, Sheds Light on South Africa

04 November 2013

  While defending a new plan introducing tolls between Johannesburg and Pretoria on Oct. 21, South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, said, “We can’t think like Africans in Africa, generally. This is Johannesburg. It’s not some national road in Malawi.” The comment led to a media frenzy—with the usual opponents (media, political analysts, NGOs) and defenders […]

Handouts Won’t Stop Protests From Increasing in Sudan

22 October 2013

Since his rise to power in 1989, Omar al-Bashir has been fairly successful at keeping a strong hold on Sudanese politics with limited mass protests against his regime.The recipe for success is now well known and certainly not original. In neighboring Libya, Moammar Gadhafi employed and perfected this strategy over his 40-yearlong tenure. It goes […]

Kenya: Justice is Dead. Long live Peace

17 October 2013

  Recently, African leaders gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss pressing issues affecting the continent. Two decisions were widely reported by mainstream media. First, the African Union (AU) will request the International Criminal Court (ICC) to defer the trial, due to begin next month, against Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta. The request is based on […]

Terrorist Attacks in Kenya: Facts, Myths, and Reshuffled Stories

08 October 2013

I’m growing increasingly frustrated with Western media coverage of the recent terrorist attacks at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. Pick your poison from any major media outlet. I’ve read over 50 accounts of the tragic events. The same themes keep circling around: how the mall was the symbolic reaffirmation of a rising Kenyan middle class, […]

Mali’s Long-Term Solution: Credible Political Process

26 September 2013

—-Article first published on The Epoch Times. Reprinted here since the author is quoting me. You can access the article at its original source here or as a pdf here.   By Kremena Krumova Epoch Times StaffCreated: January 30, 2013Last Updated: February 1, 2013 Related articles: World » Africa         A man waves a placard that reads, “For a united […]

The Terrorist Attacks in Nairobi and the Normalization of Violence in Kenya

26 September 2013

I recently published an article in The Epoch Times. Here’s the synopsis and the link to the whole story: We think of senseless violence and the war on terror. We ask ourselves: how is it possible that this is happening? Why would people do such horrible things to other people? As we ask these questions […]

Kenyan Elections: Fraud Allegations Could Upset Fragile Peace

07 March 2013

—-This is an article from the Epoch Times. I am only adding it here since the author is quoting me. The article can be accessed at its original source here.—-   Kenyan elections could turn violent as in 2007 when disputed results caused a violent clash.Prime minister and presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s camp is calling foul on vote […]

Recovery and Reconciliation in Ivory Coast (Epoch Times full story)

13 December 2012

By Kremena Krumova & Tara MacIsaac On December 12, 2012 @ 1:49 am In Africa | No Comments An Ivorian man displays a message on a piece of fabric reading in French “Peace is possible,” as 5,000 Ivorians gather on March 27, 2011, at the Culture Palace of Abidjan to pray for peace. The national […]

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Kenyan soldiers sacked for Mall looting

Posted on 01 November 2013

The Kenyan military has sacked two soldiers who have been proven guilty of stealing from the Westgate Mall while on duty in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 21st. While this can be seen as progress, Kenyan journalists are being investigated for revealing this issue to the public.

ANC leaders still on the terror watch list

Posted on 28 October 2013

A man with a funny name (Tokyo Sexwale) is temporarily detained at JFK national airport in New York. He is a businessman and a party leader from South Africa but the airport authorities believe he’s a terrorist. He is not. But because at one point, forever ago (aka 1990), members of the African National Congress were considered terrorists by the US government, he has no other option than to go extensive background checks. Nelson Mandela was technically a terrorist until 2008 when the US government bestowed him with a “delete” in the database which flags potential terrorists. South African government will, once again, attempt to convince the US authorities to take ANC party members off the wretched list. Whether they success or not, it is still uncertain. More here.

Somali radio station shutdown

Posted on 27 October 2013

Radio Shabelle, a popular independent radio station from Mogadishu has been raided and closed down over the weekend by Somali government forces. Reporters without Borders qualified the government’s actions as “harassment.”

Recovering Africa’s lost opportunities through education

Posted on 14 November 2012

Paul Kagame, the current (and ever-lasting) president of Rwanda has recently traveled to Nigeria to meet with various officials and non-government actors. Over the weekend, at a breakfast meeting of Young Nigerian Professionals on Victoria Island, in the Lagos region, Kagame made a rather bold (yet accurate, in my opinion) statement:

“Ngeria can change, but it is the young people that can make the changes. I believe the change has started already. What is required to make a change is in the hands of youths. Rwanda is ready to work with Nigeria and failing to do what is necessary will make prosperity a major challenge on the continent.”

This is a great statement, coming from a leader of an African country which has actually made a stunning progress when it comes down to literacy rates and educational programs. In Rwanda, 71% of all citizens are literate.  However, school enrollment plummets when it comes down to secondary and tertiary enrollment (with only 36% of all students continuing their education past primary school). For more details on education statistics in Rwanda, go here.

Malawi-Tanzania standoff over Lake Malawi

Posted on 10 August 2012

Lake Malawi (known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania) is the third largest body of fresh water in Africa and the eight largest lake in the world. Tensions have been rising since last year when the Malawian government granted  British company Surestream Petroleum rights to explore the lake for oil and gas. On the other hand, Tanzania is claiming 50 percent of the lake but the international partition of the lake (who country it belongs to) has never been fully solved. Though some compromise has to be reached, the stubbornness exhibited by both governments shows one more that doing business in Africa is never easy. Or dull… Full story here. 

Kenya’s Chief Justice to Hold Media Briefing

Posted on 17 October 2011

On October 19, 2011, on the occasion of his first 120 days in office, Kenyan Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga will host a briefing for international journalists to outline the progress made in implementing the reforms enshrined in Kenya’s new Constitution. In his first ever briefing, Dr. Mutunga will highlight the judiciary reforms which have been implemented since the passage of the new Constitution.
Dr. Mutunga is the head of Kenya’s first ever Supreme Court, which was established by the new Constitution following an historic referendum in August 2010. Following a stringent nomination, vetting and approval process, Dr. Mutunga, a former Ford Foundation officer, was appointed as Kenya’s chief justice in June 2011. Dr. Mutunga was sworn into office June 20, 2011 and President Kibaki signed a bill officially operationalizing the Supreme Court on June 22, 2011.
WHAT:            International press briefing on Kenya’s judicial reforms
WHO:              Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga
WHEN:            Wednesday, October 19, 2011
WHERE:           Supreme Courts Garden
Nairobi, Kenya