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When hell breaks loose in Congo

Posted on 13 November 2008

Very disturbing news coming out of the Eastern part of DR Congo. After weeks of fightings, the rebels are using new (or better said old!) techniques of continuing their struggle against the government and the UN forces.

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Who gives a damn about Eritrea?

Posted on 03 October 2008

While most international news agencies are focusing on the genocide in Darfur, the political crisis in Zimbabwe and South Africa or civil war in Chad, millions of people in one small East African country are suffering from acute malnutrition. Eritrea has experienced a decrease in food production and an increase in food prices that leaves […]

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Military coup in Mauritania

Posted on 06 August 2008

This morning Mauritanian President Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi has been removed from power by a coalition of army officers who had been deprived of their privileges at the beginning of the week. Abdallahi was the first democratically elected president of Mauritania and the first business oriented president Mauritania had witnessed in decades. Under his […]

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UN out of Eritrea and Ethiopia, a lose-lose situation

Posted on 30 July 2008

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously voted to end its peacekeeping mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia (UNMEE). Despite being a de facto decision, it is one of the most controversial decisions made by the Security Council in the last ten years. The mission was deployed in 2000 due to the highly volatile conflict between […]

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Why exonerating al-Bashir is a bad deal

Posted on 26 July 2008

The UN Security Council is currently debating a proposal to suspend the prosecution of Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the president of Sudan, who has recently been charged with genocide by the International Criminal Court. Several UN member states have been expressing their disapproval for the potential indictment of al-Bashir, fearing that the peace process will be […]

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2008 Most Messed Up African States

Posted on 23 July 2008

The Failed States Index for 2008 is up on While it is widely criticized for its Western like beliefs considered a weapon of the United States that would legitimize external intervention in other countries, it is still interesting to analyze from a pure sociological point of view. The Failed States Index is measured on […]

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The “Father” and the “Puppet” finally meet face to face

Posted on 21 July 2008

After ten years of hatred, bellicose declarations, and despicable reciprocal verbal attacks, Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai finally shake hands under the close supervision of Thabo Mbeki, the notorious South African president who has failed to bring the two men at the same table for more than six years. The two parties, Zanu-PF and the […]

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Ten things that went wrong with Zimbabwe

Posted on 17 July 2008

Someone recently asked me what the reasons why Zimbabwe is in such a terrible economic situation are. I’m posting here my top ten causes of political failure in the small southern African state. These are not exclusive. I invite anyone reading the list to add their thoughts and express their feelings towards the list or […]

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The other Mugabe

Posted on 17 July 2008

Robert Mugabe has been in office for almost 30 years. For about ten of them, Zimbabwe was one of the most developed countries in Africa or Eastern Europe. Once British Prime-Minister Tony Blair started demonizing Mugabe the whole world slowly turned away from him. I’m not defending Robert Mugabe but I think it is really […]

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The African Union wants the warrant on al-Bashir dropped

Posted on 14 July 2008

The African Union wants the warrant on al-Bashir dropped. This is the latest news on the biggest international scandal on African Politics in recent years. At this time, both the African Union and the Arab Union are holding meetings regarding the future of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. I expect both international organizations to support the […]

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