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Gaddafi to be charged with committing crimes against humanity

Posted by on 16 May 2011

In a predictable move, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the International Criminal Court chief prosecutor is seeking the arrest of Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi. The prosecutor claimed that after reviewing 1,200 documents, and interviewing 50 witnesses, he has fathered solid evidence that Colonel Gaddafi “personally ordered attacks on unarmed Libyan civilians.” One of the sons of the Libyan leader, Saif al-Islam, is also blamed for committing crimes against humanity. The judges at the ICC have yet to formally issue an arrest warrant against Colonel Gaddafi but if they do, the Libyan President will be the second African head of state, after Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, for which the court will have issued such a warrant. Libya has not signed the ICC treaty and as such is not bound to recognize the mandate of the court. In the meantime, the NATO Chief of the Defense Staff General Sir David Richards called for more attacks on Libyan targets.

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  1. Eye Floaters Cure says:

    Do you blame other countries for hating the US? We can’t even work together to improve our own country and imagine what we do to other places. Our congress does nil to make the right decisions, it’s all about business. It’s embarrasing that our Government works against us instead of for us.

  2. South Africa Business News says:

    Now that Gaddafi is no more, will his sons be charged? I rather suspect that they will, along with all those in high position that supported the former regime

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