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Recovering Africa’s lost opportunities through education

Posted by on 14 November 2012

Paul Kagame, the current (and ever-lasting) president of Rwanda has recently traveled to Nigeria to meet with various officials and non-government actors. Over the weekend, at a breakfast meeting of Young Nigerian Professionals on Victoria Island, in the Lagos region, Kagame made a rather bold (yet accurate, in my opinion) statement:

“Ngeria can change, but it is the young people that can make the changes. I believe the change has started already. What is required to make a change is in the hands of youths. Rwanda is ready to work with Nigeria and failing to do what is necessary will make prosperity a major challenge on the continent.”

This is a great statement, coming from a leader of an African country which has actually made a stunning progress when it comes down to literacy rates and educational programs. In Rwanda, 71% of all citizens are literate.  However, school enrollment plummets when it comes down to secondary and tertiary enrollment (with only 36% of all students continuing their education past primary school). For more details on education statistics in Rwanda, go here.

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